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National Chromium Company, Inc. - Your Source For Plating

Our specialty is Metal Finishing in the following capacities:

Hard Chromium: Ultra-hard, durable coating used for wear, abrasion and corrosion resistant protection. Hard Chromium is used to repair worn or mis-machined parts. Range of thickness from .000020" to .035"+. Capacity is 16 feet long and 2 tons.

Electroless Nickel: Nickel-phosphorus alloy coating for a hard, corrosion resistant coating. Uniform, non-porous layer from .00005" to .002" thick.  Available in rack or barrel.

Vibratory Tumbling and Deburring: We perform Mass Finishing Vibratory Tumbling and Deburring.

Tumbling Media and Burnishing Compounds: National Chromium also sells the media and compounds used in vibratory polishing or deburring.

We certify to AMS and MIL specs!

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